About Now and Then Boutique

Welcome to Now & Then Boutique!  Our boutique has been around since 2014, but we have recently been able to spend more time making products, outsourcing new products, promoting, and growing our business since my retirement in June 2021.  I say “our”, because I consider the business a family-owned and operated business.  It takes the unique abilities of us all to make our business work and I love and appreciate each individual family member who has had a hand in the success of our boutique.

I love jewelry, rocks, crystals, and plants, especially succulents and air plants.  My granddaughter Leila and I have been visiting stone quarries all summer long and love to “treasure hunt”.  I’m always looking for new and unique ways to display my plants to make them pleasing to the eye of young and old plant enthusiasts alike.  I often combine the different elements to make interesting and unique pieces.  I use semi-precious gems in my succulent and air plant arrangements as well as beads and items my grandchildren and I find in nature. We are absolutely in love with creating and nurturing beautiful things.

We try to get our name out there through many different avenues and this year I would like to try my hand at YouTube and make some tutorials on how to plant my succulent arrangement kits and unique ways to embellish them.  We will continue to offer succulent and air plant parties over the spring and summer months and may do some jewelry-making parties as well.

I’m hoping 2022 will be our year to grow exponentially and gain a larger social media following since this is the way of the world now.  I appreciate every like, share, phone call, and purchase.  Thank you for your support in making our small business a success.


Update: In November of 2021, we were proud to launch our Little Entrepreneur Collection.  This collection consists of items made by my granddaughter Leila SantiagoScalia 11 years old, my great-granddaughters Alanna Bethea 11 yrs old, and Delilah Bethea 8 years old.  The girls work hard and love to make new things.  They pick their projects and price their own goods.  All proceeds go towards buying new supplies for them to create and learn about the handmade craft business.  As always, we appreciate the support of friends, family, and our community here in Waynesboro Pa.


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