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Call 717-491-7150 to make an appt for Sunday -Thursday and enjoy a personal shopping experience.

There is parking on the side (Fifth St) and in the back.


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Open House Hours are Friday & Saturday from 12 – 6 pm


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What are my shipping options?

We have local delivery within 15 miles of 17268.  We also have free pick-up for those who live outside the area but stop by occasionally.

There is a flat rate of $9.00 per order for shipping except on orders over $50.00, orders over $50.00 ship for free.


How often do you get new merchandise?

We are constantly adding new merchandise and also having jewelry-making nights with the family, so we add new items weekly.  Check the website often to keep up with new arrivals.


Will you be keeping your line of Gnomes in the future.

I will be keeping my line of Gnomes in the future as long as there is a demand for them.  I make some of my Gnomes by hand and some are imported, and then I add my touch or embellishments to them.  I enjoy making the Gnomes, they are one of my favorites items.  


Do you have coupons?

We do have coupons, and when we are offering coupons you can check our Facebook page to retrieve the coupon or sign up for emails and have the coupons sent directly to your email every time there is a new promotion.


Are you still offering Succulent parties?

We are definitely still offering succulent parties beginning this spring 2022.  Keep watching my Facebook page for dates and times.

 I will also be doing a tutorial on YouTube in the coming weeks to show everyone how to plant and embellish their own beautiful arrangement.  Kits will be sold in the coming months, and I will be able to ship the kits and give help to put them together by tutorial.  I’m always available for questions through my Facebook page, email, and phone if you need help with any of your succulents or air plants.